Enterprise Agile Principles



For Agile Coaches to understand the principles that allow for enterprise agility to flourish.


1. Identify Motives

We are clear in our purpose for embracing agility.  Our unique and compelling reason will be clearly articulated and transparent across the whole organisation.

2. Challenge beliefs

We challenge our beliefs that hold us back, enabling positive impact that creates the motivation to achieve anything.

3. Focus on you customer

We believe by engaging our customers we strive for high quality and purposeful creations that lead to a better life for them.

4. Align around value

We believe that value creation is the heart of our existence.  Focussing on meaningful alignment around value flow allows for the emergence of effective systems.

5. Emergence for lasting change

We will create an environment to foster the emergence of meaningful and lasting change.

6. Learning attitude

We are encouraged to connect and grow, to give feedback to create life long learning opportunities.  By learning continuously we will keep improving.

7. Respect the journey

We acknowledge the past and embrace the future of our never ending journey, understanding that as we move forward we will gain knowledge and face obstacles in discovering and achieving our goals.

8. Overcome inertia

Through continuous improvement and transparency we overcome resistance to prosper with no limits.

9. Human behaviours

People are the heart of our inspiration.  We create safe experiences and environments that allows autonomy to support positive desired behaviours.

10. Coaching sustainability.

Organisational development is driven from within.  Capabilities for catching are inherently built and grown independently.



Craig Pearson

Zia Malik

Michelangelo Canonico

Tom Reynolds

Falk Kühnel


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