At Scrum Coaching Retreats teams have worked on a variety of topics, however there are some reoccurring theme’s.  Here we pull them together to help you find what you needs and to make it easier for teams to build on what went before.

Growing as a Coach

These are deep-dives that relate to growing as a coach or helping others to grow as a coach.

Topic Description Event
Agile Coaching Pathway Links to resources that someone can use to become a balanced and accomplished agile coach. London 2014
Growing ScrumMasters and Coaches Supporting the people who will be the flag-bearers of transforming the world of work London 2014
Coaches Coaching Coaches Coaches Coaching Coaches Shanghai 2015
Agile Coach Path

Also see AgileCoaching

For Organisations who want to build an internal team of Agile Change Agents in order to nurture a sustainable Agile culture we build a learning and development path Geneva 2016

Professionalising Agile Coaching

Misconceptions exist with clients and coachees, in regards to what Agile Coaching is.  This confusion has resulted in unqualified people presenting themselves as Agile Coaches who may end up hurting clients and coachees, if not themselves and ultimately the profession.  The results of these teams (as they continue to work) will be published to what is an Agile Coaching.

Topic Description Event
What is an Agile Coach For people who believe they need an Agile Coach, we want to help you understand what is an Agile Coaching Copenhagen 2017
Coaching Engagement A model for enabling coach-client relationship. London 2018
Coaching Competencies For Agile Coaches and ScrumMasters we will deliver a tool and guidance in order to help them reflect and grow on their journey. London 2018

Coaching Tools

Topic Description Event
iCoach Coaching Structured Toolbox Geneva 2016
Influencing Poker Influencing Poker can be played within Scrum Teams, Leadership Teams, Communities of Practice or any other associations of professionals that share interests and have problems in common. Kiev 2017
Agile Theatre and Zombie Agile A toolbox to detect, expose and address Agile dysfunctions known as “Agile Theater” and “Zombie Agile” Kiev 2017
Responsibility Process We elaborated a sequence of steps how the responsibility process and key concepts can be explained by a frequently seen use case in the life of agile coaches Copenhagen 2017
Mental Wellbeing A toolbox for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches to help identify and potentially make adjustments for team members with cognitive differences. London 2018

Team Coaching

Topic Description Event
Technical Coaching Aspects of Technical Coaching. Shanghai 2015
The Heart of Scrum The Heart of Scrum is an organizational checklist to enable Happy respected Scrum Teams delivering valuable products. Copenhagen 2017
Healthy Ownership To build Agile Teams which takes collective ownership for its outcomes. London 2018

Personal Growth

Topic Description Event
The Scrum Practitioners Journey Questions and tools for Scrum Practitioners to self reflect Copenhagen 2017
The Game Create the opportunity to explore mindset development through a fun(ny) game London 2018

Organisational Transformation

Topic Description Event
How to make change stick Practices and principles to make continuous improvement part of the culture. London 2014
Transformational toolkit A mind map for a Transformation Toolkit Pattaya 2014
The power of Alignment & Dependencies The two dimensions, Alignment & Dependencies to reach the secret of large scaled agile transition. Shanghai 2015
Agile Transformation Agile Transformation – how to get the right mindset. Geneva 2016
Bridging the gap between team and the enterprise How to bridge the gap between agile teams and those in the business around them. Geneva 2016
Funky Transformation Toolbox The Funky Transformations Toolbox (FTT) is an adaptive guide containing a roadmap with supporting deep dives on generic pain points and success criterias that, tailored to the Customer context, provides tools for obtaining iterative insights into the state and progress of their transformation. Copenhagen 2017
Enterprise Agility Transformation A toolkit to enable Scrum and Agile coaches to more effectively support the enterprise Agile transformation. London 2018

Organisational Culture/Leadership

Topic Description Event
Sustaining Agility Building the Culture and approaches to management. Pattaya 2014
Dealing with a non-Agile mindset A cookbook that squeezes out the juice to successfully drives the conversion of senior management as a change agents for agile. Geneva 2016
Executive Coaching The “how-to” guide is a list of short conversations to have with Directors to help shift their values and influence other areas of the organisation London 2014
Culture for flourishing people We’ve identified 8 main categories to examine and improve the work environment. For each of them, we identified a couple of resources that you may find useful. London 2018
Missing the Point of Agile  Coaching to diagnose the ‘Why’ mismatch Melbourne 2019

Agility in the Large

Topic Description Event
Virtuous Scaling Virtuous Scaling. Pattaya 2014
Communities of Practice A cookbook for communities of practice. Kiev 2017
Enterprise Agile Principles For Agile Coaches to understand the principles that allow for enterprise agility to flourish. Copenhagen 2017
Distributed Teams Playbook for distributed teams Copenhagen 2017

Product Ownership

Topic Description Event
PO decision making Detailed Potency spread sheet for The PO is not able to make decisions on his own Geneva 2016


Topic Description Event
Fixed Contracts Fixed Contracts London 2014