ORSC (CRR Global)

CRR Global presented by Marita Frijon

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Coaching Intelligent Teams; Leading From Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSITM)

Presented by Marita Fridjhon, CEO and Founder CRR Global 

This interactive presentation will focus on holding a systems approach and discovering the intelligence inherent in systems regardless of coaching niche. Whether the coaching is 1:1 Life coaching, executive coaching, or team and organizational, the coach is ALWAYS interacting with a system that we – as Relationship Systems Coaches – hold to be naturally intelligentand generativewhile in a natural state of constant emergence. The session will be built from the CRR Global model of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). In the 3-hour long session, participants will explore the 5 Principles of RSI and gain some knowledge, skills and tools with which to unleash that intelligent and generative capacity of systems. In so doing, we will increase participants’ ability to map their existing training and skill levels into competencies with which to navigate modern business and the inevitability of constant emerging change. For thatis indeed the basic nature of all systems as growing, evolving entities. In that lies the invitation to us as coaches.

For a copy of the preso, use the link below:

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