Funky Transformations Toolbox (KPI Practicalities, Beyond yet Another Agile Training & How to establish Transformation exit Criterias)


This product is a amalgation of 3 individual pitches:

  • How to define Agile KPIs
  • How to drive an Agile transformation in companies that are exhausted by Agile trainings
  • How to define an Agile exit strategy when a company transitions from a consultancy heavy transition to an internally driven transformation

The value statement became:

For an organization who are either new to Agile or not experiencing the expected gains, the Funky Transformations Toolbox (FTT) is an adaptive guide containing a roadmap with supporting deep dives on generic pain points and success criterias that, tailored to the Customer context, provides tools for obtaining iterative insights into the state and progress of their transformation.

Unlike other high level transformation frameworks with vague measurements and set approaches, our toolbox will provide transparency to the transformation key drivers and enable trust and collaboration on all levels of the transformation effort.


Examples of Agile Transformation toolbox items and KPI’s


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