Culture for Flourishing People

Team Culture Vultures


Team Culture Vultures: Katrin Saver, Erika Massie, Geir Amsjo, Andreas Schliep, Christine Thompson, Suzanne Doyle, Olaf Lewitz, David Lowe, Lucia Baldelli, Raquel Silva, Scott Downs, Rachele Maurer, Colin Bird, Matt Roadnight, Paulo Dias, Bianca Roitsch, Leonardo Pabon

We want to create an organisational culture where people can flourish. We’ve identified 8 main categories to examine and improve the work environment. For each of them, we identified a couple of resources that you may find useful.



We need a common shared purpose, so that we are engaged in our work.


We are empowered and have autonomy, so that we are engaged in our work and feel we are contributing to our purpose.


We have a leadership that listens to our ideas and supports our autonomy, so that we feel we are an integral part of our organisation.


We care about people’s happiness and motivation in our workplace, so that they are energized to do their best and reach amazing performance.


We have a shared set of values, so that we know what to expect from each other to support effective collaboration.


We are free to experiment and learn from our failures, so that we can come up with the best ideas and solutions, and express our creativity.


We have the courage to provide clear and constructive feedback that motivates others to improve.

Org. Structure:

We are structured in cross-functional teams, so that we can deliver work independently. We are also long-lived teams so that we have time to gel and get to high performance.


There were also some anti-patterns.

  • Toxic Behaviours
  • Command and Control
  • Broken Promises
  • Working in Silos



Our beautiful vultures drawn by Katrin