Shanghai 2015 – NASA Team

The power of Alignment & Dependencies

It’s amazing that we came out the two dimensions, Alignment & Dependencies to reach the secret of large scaled agile transition.








Why is called NASA since “No Agile Scaling Available” is for large-size enterprises to easily adopt to. That means the large-size enterprises cannot success in agile transformation only simply following up the LeSS or SAFe in hands. The insight from us is, on the one side, the large-size enterprises should consider to build up their own coach team to facilitate the company to the agile scrum in essential in terms of company’s characteristics in a long run, on the other side, scrum of scrums at the local site should be vital to align all scrum teams with each other, solve the dependency, remove impediments, balance the shortage resources, etc. For simplicity, two dimensions will make large scale scrum runnable, that’s, Alignment & Dependency.  We would like to have a high-level guideline as the reference rather than to have any specific solution or conclusion there for the real case study. That’s what we take away from the retreat based on the analysis and discussion on a real large enterprise case.

What we have done in the retreat as follows:

Product Backlog

  • Company Case Definition
  • Challenges (Deep Dive to Anatomize)
  • “Stealing” (Learning from Previous Retreats)
  • Insight


  • 4 Sprints Execution

Sprint Review

  • Reviewed with the other scrum teams together after every sprint.


  • We had retrospectives after finishing all 4 sprints  with all scrum teams together.