Executive Coaching: How To Do It


  • Grow Leadership to have the confidence and trust to empower their organisation and achieved their potential.
  • Understanding why/how agile exec coaching is different. How to do it effectively.

What is It

The “how-to” guide is a list of short conversations to have with Directors (Derek is director level persona) to help shift their values and influence other areas of the organization

executive coaching what is it

What are our pre-requisites?

When giving advise to anyone, it helps to Gain Trust

This can be done, especially with executives, through Building a relationship, Showing credibility and providing results.




We then defined the problem as an Epic:

“As an Agile Coach, I want to know how to approach and do Executive Coaching, so I can better serve the organization.”

To give some context behind it:

We created some proto-personas, and focused our work on how to influence Derek the Director.

How to Use It

We created the following list of Hot-Topics with which we could be in conversation with our director. Each topic was atempted to be broken down into:

  1. an Opening Question,
  2. an Elevator pitch,
  3. key metrics or case studies,
  4. sound bites.

The Topics are:


How we did it

Team forming and Vision creation.


The process we followed:

20140610-110416-39856280.jpg 20140610-115720-43040122.jpg 20140611-105643-39403756.jpg


The Team

The Team

Name Email Twitter @
Terri Ruggieri Terri.Ruggieri@gmail.com Terri0507
Don Ewart Don.Ewart@capgemini.com
Adrian Perreau de Pinninck Adrian.Perreau@agilar.org eidrien
Premkumar L. Premkumar.l@gmail.com PremkumarL
Silvana Wasitova wasitova@yahoo.com wasitova
Malcolm Lisle MalcolmLisle2007@btinternet.com
Zia Malik Zia.malik@dmzen.co.uk Zm9
Sophie Manton Sophie.Manton2@azula.co.uk sophiemanton
Dinesh Sharma Dino.sharma@gmail.com AgileGurukul
Tony Ackyord Anthony.t.ackyord@aexp.com  
Phil Poole Phil.Poole@itv.com ILoveNiceThings
Kai Simons info@ksimons.de LetsGetAgile
Maureen Manonren Manonnen@gmail.com Manonnen
Mat Roadnight Matt.roadnight@sprintagile.com
Glenn Smith glenn@tootech.co.uk gupster
Eben Halford eben@agileista.com ebstar
Praveen karadiguddi Praveen.nk@gmail.com Praveen_nk
Dragan Jojic Dragan@Capagility.com DRJojic
Geoff Ainsworth Geoff.ainsworth@opengi.co.uk  
David Collins David.collins@opengi.co.uk d2ve_c

How we got started:

Executive Coaching: Brainstorming Process

Executive Coaching: Brainstorming Process

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