Agile Coach Path

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Team: The Fearless Colliders

Vision: For Organizations and persons who want to build an internal team of Agile Change Agents in order to nurture a sustainable Agile culture
we build a learning and development path – including learning objectives and implementation steps

The team are continuing to work on this at, this will be a free framework based on the teams work.  Please take it as our gift, and start building internal capability so that you can have sustainable change.

Definition: An Agile coach is a professional coach [& consultant] specialized [and exprienced] in the facilitation & support of an agile learning process for a team and organization to enable the acceleration of business agility.

The Five Pillars of Agile Coaching:

What is an Agile Coach

Agile Coaching Development – Existing Paths

Existing Models for Agile Coach Development Path

Existing Models for Agile Coach Development Path


Agile Coach Path 2.0

Agile Coach Path 2.0

What is an Agile Mindset – Foundation/Introduction


Agile Mindset Structure & Steps to get there – Foundation/Introduction

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Implementation Steps – Foundation/Introduction


Implementation Steps – Team Facilitator (ScrumMaster)


Learning Objectives – Team Facilitator (ScrumMaster)


Learning Objectives for Team Facilitator (CSP Equivalent)


Learning Objectives for Teams/Personal Coach (CTC Equivalent)


Implementation Steps – Teams Coach (Agile Coach)


Learning Objectives – Teams Coach (Agile Coach)


Learning Objectives for Scaling & Enterprise Coach (CEC Equivalent)

(To be defined in future discussions)

A Coach Grows and Matures, like a Tree – and has roots, leaves, fruits




The Fearless Colliders Team Members:
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