Ocean Drive

Our Vision

For Agile Coaches and ScrumMasters we will deliver a tool and guidance in order to help them reflect and grow on their journey.

5 Levels of assessment

  1. Beginner
    • Knows the theory but has no real practical experience of application
  2. Practitioner
    • Has applied in at least 1 situation and may still require support in the application
  3. Journeyperson
    • Can apply in most situations independently
  4. Master Craftsperson
    • Unconscious competence, has mastered the application and knows when to bend and when to break the rules
  5. Guide/Innovator
    • Adaptability to apply and capability to hybridize to meet the current situation and innovate to create new techniques

The current Agile Coaching Growth Wheel and guidance can be found on WhatIsAgileCoaching