TMW – Coach’s Mindset

Team Coach Checklist (v1)

Definition: Works with Scrum Team, stakeholders, management to improve performance and outcomes (the coach within)

Scrum Team

  • Has the team been Scrum trained?
  • Has the team agreed alliance/social controls etc?
  • Have you put in place an agreement around mental/psychological safety?

You as the Coach

  • Coach! Do you have a coach?
  • Coach! Do you have a mentor?
  • Do you have a group to check in with?
  • Do you have a network/community to get support from?
  • Do you have a learning journey map for the year?
  • “When did you last read the Scrum guide?”


  • Do you know who the management team that is responsible for harnessing change in your organisation?
  • Have you set up relationship with the management listed above?
  • Have you set up regular feedback coops with these management personal?
  • Are they supportive of your worth?
  • Coach! If no, have you put in place steps to increase trust, grow relationships & foster support for this change?


  • Do you have a mechanism in place for regularly reflecting on customer feedback?
  • Do you have in place an approach to improving stakeholder & team relationships and trust?
  • Are your stakeholders educated in your framework/ways of working?
  • Are your stakeholders actively involved in your framework/ways of working?