Pathfinders – Agile Coaching Pathway

“We believe that an agile coach should be qualified in both agile AND coaching”

Our goal is to create one artefact that contains links to resources that someone can use to become a balanced and accomplished agile coach. We hope the community will keep this artefact up-to-date over time

Agile Coach
Professional Experience &
Practical Skills &

The Team

  • Georg Fasching (PO)
  • Muhammad Meghji (SM)
  • Geoff Watts
  • Shane Poole
  • Tom Fry
  • Axel Chowanietz
  • Tom Reynolds
  • Steve Clymer


1 Response to Pathfinders – Agile Coaching Pathway

  1. bluesky says:

    Just a quick note about your link under ‘Coach – Supervision Qualifications’ links to EAL who in their own words are “EAL is the specialist, employer-recognised awarding organisation for the engineering, manufacturing, building services and related sectors.”

    Probably a mistake?

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