Co-Active (CTI)

Co-Active Coaching with CTI presented by Shannon Kelly and Douglas Pack

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Experience Co-Active Coaching:

Presented by Shannon Kelly, CPCC, PCC, LICSW Organizational Coach and Douglas Peck, CPCC Organizational Coach 

Traditional leadership models offer a rigid one-dimensional view of how to lead others without emotion and relationship. But humans are multidimensional beings who bring their whole selves to every situation, and deserve an agile leadership model that respects relationship intelligence and embraces every part of us as humans. 

The world renowned Co-Active Model teaches the importance of the balance of both “being” and “doing”, and catapults individuals, teams and organizations into higher achievement, deeper connection and fulfillment. In this experiential, interactive session, attendees will experience the Co-Active method of multidimensional learning that has, for the past 25 years, helped over 62,000 people transform their lives and the lives of others.

For a copy of the preso, use the link below.

BONUS: As an attendee you get discounts to CTI’s training.

We would prefer folks to register their interest directly via this link or they can book time directly with Michelle Leath, as she will be holding all the participants for the event.   It’s IMPORTANT that they quote AGILE2019 to get their discount code and let her know they’ve come from the Conference.  Michelle’s (who was at the Conference) contact information is below:

To schedule a call with Michele, click here

Michelle Leath, Program Advisor. Customer Experience Department, 415-526-1621 (direct)

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