Enterprise Coach (Trans4mation)

Trans4Mation, Michael Spayd and Michele Madore

Contact Michael or Michele at hello@trans4mation.coach for more information.

The Enterprise Agile Coach – Coaching for Agility Across the Organization  
Presented by Michele Madore, Co-Founder and Michael Spayd, Co-Founder

Enterprise Agile Coaching is an even newer discipline than Agile Team Coaching. While it builds on Team Coaching, it is a considerably more advanced endeavor, requiring high levels of emotional intelligence, systems thinking, Organization Development (OD) practices, professional coaching competencies, and leadership development understanding. This is not the training most coaches have received. 

Enterprise Agility shares characteristics with “agile teams”, but they are concepts at two different scales. To deliver products, services and solutions in markets around the globe, Agile team design and coaching is not enough.   

This session will give you a concrete sense of what an Agile Enterprise coach should be able to do and be, as well as the world view behind that being and doing. It is based on an Enterprise Coach competency model defined by an industry-wide working group on Enterprise Coaching.

This highly interactive session will present the six competencies defined for Enterprise Coaches, illustrate them concretely using a case study, then put them into action in real situations from the participant’s own work. The session will lightly follow our Integral Agile Transformation Framework as an organizing structure, but the main point is for you to get a real sense of what an Enterprise Coach actually does to catalyze agility. 

For a copy of the presentation, use link below.

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