The Scrum Practitioners Journey

The Product Vision

Our vision is…


So by mid of day three of Scrum Coach Retreat Copenhagen we would like to have some set of questions and/or tools which helps Scrum Practitioners to evolve.

Sprint 01 (18.09.2017)

Our Sprint Goal was to craft something like a first aid kit. In order to achieve this we created Personas for the Scrum Roles:

  • Paolo, the Product Owner
  • Sam, the Scrum Master
  • Dennis, the Development Team Member

After having those Personas in place we tried to identify to figure out what those people are doing and what are their challenges.

In Sprint Review we were able to show our results but it seems that we completely lost our audience. We received no feedback and so we’re not been able to sell our idea.

Sprint 02 (19.09.2017)

In Sprint 02 we focused on how to get valuable feedback for us as a Product Development Team:

  1. Formulating a valuable vision statement
  2. Figuring out a way how to move on

One of the results was the vision statement you see at the beginning of the page. Another outcome for the team was something like a Story Map…

We also crafted some sample questions to get feedback:

Compared to Sprint 01 real users stopped by, asked questions and provided valuable feedback:

Sprint 03 (19.09.2017)

Focus of this Sprint was to craft some kind of a real product as some people provided the feedback that they would like to have something physical in place like cards etc.. Our DoD for our Sprint Goal looked like:

And so we crafted some small decks of cards to provide at Sprint Review. Below you can see our first cards incl. feedback.



Sprint 04 (20.09.2017)

In Sprint 04 we focus on the feedback we received from our clients by end of the Sprint. So we’re going to refactor the cards in a way that they provide more value to unexperienced Scrum Masters by having questions that

  • open up a specific context
  • deepen the thinking in this context
  • and makes you derive some concrete action out of it

What we discussed very deeply is how to articulate good questions and we made the decision to follow the upcoming guidance:

  • Open questions (start with What…? or How…?)
  • Powerful questions (questions that make you think)
  • Short & sweet (appr. 8 words max.)
  • One questions per card

And we discussed about a valuable flow of our questions. This results in the following flow:

  • Open up
  • Deepen
  • Action

We will continue crafting this product and you can follow us at