Enterprise Agility Focus Points

At the 2018 Scrum Coaching Retreat in London (#scrlon18), team Running with Scissors created a toolkit to enable Scrum and Agile coaches to more effectively support the enterprise Agile transformation.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the team members.


Team Member Role
Suzanne Anthony, CSP Scrum Team Member
John Eisenschmidt, CSP ScrumMaster
Alan Rennebo Jepsen, CSP Scrum Team Member
Juha Luotio, CSP Scrum Team Member
Sophie Manton, CSP Scrum Team Member
Zak Meziane, CSP Scrum Team Member
Alicia McLain, CSP Product Owner
Alan O’Callaghan, CST Scrum Team Member
Dominique Popiolek-Olle, CSP Scrum Team Member
Malte Sussdorff, CSP Scrum Team Member

Overview of the Enterprise Agility Focus Points Toolkit


Our team began with a number of focus points:

  • Why?
  • Customers
  • Common Drivers
  • Key Value Indicators
  • Corporate DNA, including: Mindset, Behaviors, Habits, and Tools
  • Commitments
  • Organizational Structure

Once we identified the focus points, we began to identify and list common impediments that Scrum Coaches observe, typical analysis, and explored possible interventions.

Attached are 2 PDF files with examples of the 20+ items we identified:


Resources and Links

The team collected a number of useful resources that are relevant to this toolkit. If you have others to share, please comment on this page or contact the team so we can add them.

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