Agile Coaching Growth Wheel (Sintra)

A team spent time using and evolving thinking for the Agile Growth Wheel. We are collecting feedback and evolving the thinking here. Below is the current released version of the Wheel.

One proposal that emerged was the idea of bringing Mentoring up to the top level and moving partnering (which we renamed engaging) to the transforming section, to represent how you enter an organisational setting. Mentoring is clearly a separate thing from training. This will need testing out with a wider group. Engaging is about how we enter the organisation, setting goals, growing relationships and creating structure around how the engagement will work.

Key feedback that we gathered

Vunrability is a cultural thing so explore and incorporate learnings from “Your Are Your Best Thing” by Tarana Burke and Brene Brown.

Building trust requires that we understand our own bias – see Blink: The Power of Thinking

New ideas for the Future

A website version where the model is clickable and you can drill straight down into the appropriate section.

We need a contents.

Mural and Miro templates