Transcript 1: An executive with quite a bit of time to invest in discovery of why the culture may not be successful

I’m meeting a CEO who wants to change his company’s culture.

Coach: How do you know it’s not working?

CEO: I see people are stressed, maybe burned out, and we don’t deliver as fast as we could – and the industry is moving towards shorter release cycles and we don’t seem able to.

Coach: So, signs of improvement would be happy people and faster, regular delivery?

CEO: Yes, and I’d go for the happy people first and expect the better delivery later.

Coach: Is it right that you founded this company?

CEO: yes

Coach: And you’ve been leading it ever since?

CEO yes

Coach: So, is it fair to say that the current organization and its culture are the result of your leadership?

Yes, I’m afraid to say …

Coach: And the company you imagine next, what leadership is that going to need?

CEO: I’m not entirely sure, that’s why I’m asking you for help

Coach: What have you tried so far?

What difference did that make?

If we are successful, and delivery and morale improved, how would you know?

If I start working with you, what would you like to have happen?

I propose that we get together with your leadership team…

Who would you like to be part of the leadership team of your new organization?

Which principles would you like to change in your new organization? What I’ve seen in other organizations is for instance moving from telling people what to do to inviting them what to do. That might be reflected in us inviting people into the leadership who want to take responsibility in contrast to selecting them as the boss. Does that make sense?

Another example would be moving from power to authority – which might come from different sources, like expertise, seniority, charisma, …

So… how might what we’ve talked about reflect in your leadership team?

How much time do you want to invest in your personal change?

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