Transcript 2: An executive with limited time to invest discovery


Scenario: some CEOs are not as accessible as you would wish, and therefore the coach needs to prepare before the first engagement. Some of the things that we recommend are:

  • Understand what type of manager the CEO is
  • What are the CEOs KPIs
  • How long has the CEO been with the company
  • Etc.

The video that follows shows an engagement where the coach is trying to understand what the CEO expects and the CEO does not have answers, he expects the coach to tell him what to do. There was an attempt to employ coaching skills by asking questions, but the CEO’s expectations were to employ a consultant rather than a coach.

Additional questions to consider upon initial CIX engagement (Erika):

  • What do you mean by ‘culture’ (define meaning)
  • State characteristics of what would be an ‘ideal culture’ [describe culture’s current state/antipatterns]
  • Design thinking methods: if budget and time were removed as constraints, how would you describe the ‘better culture’ process and expectations
  • What are changes you can you (as a leader) make today (tomorrow, next week) to influence change [what is actionable and what are you willing to do –> commitment]


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