How do I improve Transparency?


Opening Question: How much faith do you have in your programme reports?

or: How much faith do you have in your data for strategic decisions?


Elevator pitch:

“Transparency can enhace your decision making ability”

“Shared information promotes accuracy, responsibility and performance”

“Transparent data Reflects Reality”:

    • Problems are surfaced early, prompting early action
    • Measure what is actually done and still to do
    • Drives discipline in your teams – there is nowhere to hide!

“Transparency leads to Better Planning”:

    • Forecasts are based on the latest, real performance
    • Short iterations mean data is updated frequently, leading to better forecasts

How to do it now?

    • Whiteboards in public places
    • online reports, intranet
    • posters, meetings

Sound Bite:

 “A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.”  Dalai Lama



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