The Scrum Master Exchange

“based on the exchange programme common in schools, two Scrum Masters can link up and share time with each Scrum team to share experiences and provide peer-to-peer support”


  • Peer to Peer, Face to Face
  • # of exchanges shown next to your profile
  • Frequency: One-off (potential to revisit if mutually beneficial)
  • Onsite (Preferably) Offsite (if legally required)
  • Suggested timing: Around Sprint Boundaries to maximise exposure to sprint ceremonies
  • Minimum 3 days
  • Timely Feedback (within 1 week of exchange, allow 1 hour per exchange day)
  • Contribute learning back to the Scrum Master exchange programme


  • Free
  • Reciprocal (you must have a team to be a Scrum Master)
  • Feedback given privately
  • Agree confidentiallity (if appropriate, social media etc)
  • Agreement from hosting company/s
  • Agreement from Scrum team/s
  • Agree level of engagement (observation only, facilitation etc)

Pilot Scheme Volunteers

  •  Shane Poole – Ordnance Survey – Southampton – 023 8005 5795 –
Scrum Master Exchange Volunteers

Scrum Master Exchange Volunteers


4 Responses to The Scrum Master Exchange

  1. loudgeordie says:

    Hi All,
    There were a lot more names than listed above. When do you think the list will be updated?

  2. Paul Goddard says:

    In the interests of doing the simplest thing that can work for now (!!) the attached photo contains all the details of those people who volunteered. If you would like to contact someone, please do so.

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