Retreat Organisers Retrospective

All things good

  • Mark, Helen, Ben and Zia were great.
  • Great Food.
  • Great team work – lets keep working together – Scrum Gathering 2015?
  • Wereworlf and other games were great.
  • Exercises worked very well.
  • The residential aspect really worked.
  • How should we celebrate the success?
  • Hotel was really good and Carly and team were helpful in making everything run smoothly.
  • Great use of visual media.
  • Stuarts drawings are amazing.
  • Stuart + Drawings were good.
  • Realised value of 2 sleeps.
  • Well done Ben – what an awesome job as a ScrumMaster.
  • Ben was ace!
  • Hotel, Food, Location all great
  • Hotel was nice.
  • Just enough planning for the event worked well.
  • Thank you to Dan for taking valuable time to come over and support us.
  • Conference venue was awesome.
  • Very high level of engagement (Ben this was yours could you elaborate?)
  • Nice to have the CSCs/CSTs present and participating.
  • Location was well researched – thank you Helen for the running around and the point person on logistics.
  • Great attendee collaboration from Day one.
  • Atmosphere and pace created was just right.
  • Seed one team member for next retreat for support
  • Brown Sauce 🙂 Daniel !
  • Communication strategy throughout the retreat worked very well.
  • Setting up WordPress
  • Deep dives over two days worked better than all on one daye

All things not so good

  • Hotel Accommodations could have been better (Zia and Daniel experienced lack of room cleanliness)
  • No european retreat set (yet)
  • Moving people is hard!

All things that could have been better

  • Suggested Activities @ night / tourist sights of interest.
  • More team time less Open Space.
  • 3 Full days might have been better.
  • CSC/CST Dinner or Social (to get to know/catch up with this community).
  • Better use of / creation of email distribution list
  • Attendees heard saying they would have preferred a bit more slack in the schedule.
  • More free/activity time in the schedule.
  • Werewolf and other games should have been on the agenda.
  • Was the concept of retreat well understood? Some people were too concerned about completing as many items as possible rather than going deep.
  • We should have included the agenda on with the lanyard.
  • Needed more Sharpies.
  • Bigger posters for open space
  • Clear COA’s are important (Ben this was yours – can you elaborate)?
  • Need ICE!?
  • Pre-retreat workshop facilitators need to stay behind and participate.
  • Maybe more data arch through before the event. (Ben this is one of yours can you elaborate)?

Key Themes

  • Location was near perfect – Peaceful, outdoor time, spacious etc
  • Retreat Illustration worked very well
  • Team games were well received – should be part of the agenda
  • Find better ways to get people to move!
  • Propose more slack time during retreat (perhaps extend retreat to 3 days)?
  • Suggestions for things to do to unwind
  • We found we needed more stationary (or better tracking of)

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