Team Retrospectives

Here is the retrospective output from the teams:

What did we learn working in our teams?

  • Don’t get frustrated early
  • How to coach my executives on Agile and potentially anything
  • If you align on mission and method you can have a large group in sub-teams
  • Diversity of resources is incredible and exciting
  • There’s a lot more to being an Agile Coach beyond Agile.
  • Smaller groups were productive with less conflict
  • Working in a new team is hard
  • Scrum is hard to apply against open topics
  • Team size makes a difference (Small – quick and decisive but lacks diversity)
  • Working together on something is a better learning experience than anything else.
  • To question any topic is a good thing
  • I’m not alone
  • Value of diversity
  • Capture and publishing output
  • Big team = a lot of good output
  • We didn’t really do Scrum
  • Intelligent discourse is not waste

What if anything do we want do beyond this retreat?

  • keep in touch
  • Use and evolve the product
  • Just do it – put practices and discussed into use and share feedback
  • Add to and iterate the Agile coaching path
  • Put results in work press blog pictures and text.
  • Explore further the bits of useful information captured within the two days
  • Fulfil ideas learned such as fulfil pilot scheme
  • Gather feedback from the community
  • Apply lessons learned
  • Refine it and use it
  • Review the topics covered
  • I’ve signed up for the Scrum Master Exchange – very excited.  

What did you like about the event?

  • Location, weather and making friends
  • Community
  • The event format
  • Location and Venue
  • The mix of attendees
  • Meeting new people
  • Networking including CSC’s and CST’s
  • Hearing about Scrum in other organisations
  • The people and knowledge
  • Food and Venue
  • Brainstorming on topics, had enough time to go deep in 4 sprints
  • The conversation and networking
  • The workshop topics 

What would you change about the event?

  • More open space session (shorter – 30 minutes).
  • We didn’t know much about any of the leisure activities
  • Have a clearer view of how the topics move forward after the event
  • Bring in more been there done that experts
  • More free time and longer more frequent breaks
  • A keynote speaker would have been good
  • More time to understand prep for topics prior to retreats.
  • Team forming (no pre topics)
  • More space for experiential sessions outside of open space (coaching dojo)
  • Shorter open space sessions
  • More free time
  • More time for workshops, discussions and lightening talks
  • Better method for generating topics for sprints and more time to assess their value / output expectation
  • Less sprinting time

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